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Conduct a “sweep” of your home with your bug detector. Surveillance devices are often hidden in walls or ceilings, so look for any spots that appear to be spackled or recently concealed. However, with the decreasing size of surveillance equipment, illegal surveillance can be concealed virtually anywhere. Household objects such as pens, clocks, lamps and even watches may contain devices to see and hear what you are doing. Closely examine your home's windows, as the exterior of windows are excellent places for installing illegal surveillance devices since no one has to break into your home to install them. Conduct “sweeps” of your home on a regular basis.

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Critical System Alarms include:Cooling and heating alarms have detection and monitoring devices that transmit information about your heating and cooling system often directly to a monitoring company.

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As long as the person entering has no legal right to be present in the structure a burglary has occurred.